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Dayweaver – Harold van de Kamp

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Dayweaver – ‘Dayweaver S01E01-5’

‘Dayweaver S01E01-5’ is the brilliant debut EP release from Dayweaver. Based in the Netherlands, this superb group are set to make waves with this brilliant release!

‘Bloodman’ opens the EP, it is instantly enticing and draws the audience in. We adore the relaxed beat, which emerges and engulfs the listener. The main vocal is filled with character and effortlessly connects to the audience. 

‘Swear’ is filled with unexpected chordal progressions, luscious synths and a textured vibe. In addition, ‘Right on the Money’ is a standout song. The kick drum feels like the track’s heartbeat, and layered vocals inject the song with a vibrant colour. ‘Ordinarily’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button!

We also adore the mix, master and production of the EP. Everything has it’s own space in the mix and shines brightly. 


The band say about the release, “We have been told to make a space for you here. A room where you won’t be haunted. Where the floorboards creak with Berlin Beats, the walls are lined with dust-covered synths, and the scent of hot tubes lingers in the air. Open the door and step into its warm embrace.” 

They continue, “This is a place to be alone together, to try and build something new. We are Dayweaver. A collective embracing the new way of making music, bringing you the product of bedrooms and attics.”

We are so excited to have heard this latest release by Dayweaver and can not wait to hear what they will do next. They are a band who are continually pushing boundaries and innovating the synth-indie-rock genre. 

Make sure you check out ‘Dayweaver S01E01-5’ from the link below, Dayweaver are a band who need to be heard!

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