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Deanmoore – ‘Three Steps’

Netherlands based band Deanmoore have released the stunning single ‘Three Steps’. It is an alternative-rock release with a big heart!

The seven-minute single opens to an enchanting piano before the full band sound breaks through. Together, they lay the solid foundation for the charming and characterful vocals to enter. 

The vocals effortlessly guide the single along and create a warm and welcoming vibe to the track. We love the layered and colourful vocals, which embrace the listener. Also, the twists and turns in the composition are stunning and keep the audience fully engaged. 

In addition, the mix, master and production of ‘Three Steps’ is superb. A wall of sound fills the sonic spectrum, effortlessly drawing in the listener, and holding their attention with ease. 

Deanmoore is comprised of band members Nils Wiegerinck (vocals, guitar), Harmen Stortelder (bass) and Roel Stoltenborg (drums). They are all superb musicians who need to be heard!

Deanmoore describes their sound as, “The music is characterized by great dynamics, heavy guitars, quieter passages and tempo changes.” This dynamic approach makes Deanmoore stand out from the crowd. 


Deanmoore cites their influences as coming from artists such as Karnivool, Vennart, Leprous, Agent Fresco and Oceansize. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Three Steps’, but make no mistake, Deanmoore is making music all of their own!

‘Three Steps’ is an impressive seven minutes in length. In that time, the listener is taken on a journey that is filled with interest and intrigue. We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Three Steps’ this weekend!

For sure, Deanmoore is an exciting band that are making waves with this latest release. We highly anticipate what they will do next!

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