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62205704_2344161689129000_1947340598662922240_nThe brilliant band, Deep C Divers are back with their magnificent new EP ‘We’re All Americans’. We were so excited to see they are releasing new music and we were not left disappointed!

The EP opens with the track, ‘My Luv’, which is a sublime song. First, we hear a syncopated beat with an infectious electric guitar. The second guitar enters with the drums, followed by the luscious vocals. The audio spectrum is complete. The vocals are warm and rich in tone with an upbeat and catchy backing. We adored the harmonies which are spot on throughout. The guitar riffs are inspiring and are there to be enjoyed throughout the verses too.

‘In the Bubble’ sees an energetic opening. The drums and bass are both driving and navigate the piece along. The vocals remind us of David Bowie in their tone and delivery and there are a wonderful ascending and descending melody in the background adding further texture to the piece.

‘It’s No Secret’ is a laid back song and its placement in the EP sits well next to the upbeat songs we have previously heard. The bass shines through on this track and the listeners’ ear is instantly drawn to it. The pace picks up once the vocals enter and there is an unexpected switch to a reggae feel. This unexpected twist keeps the listener on their toes. Wonderful.

‘The title track, ‘We’re All Americans’ is a heavy and passion filled song. It features a screaming guitar solo and the vocals are filled with intensity and a purpose. The final song, ‘Livin My Life’ hears the vocals and lead guitar playing off of one another. The guitar solo has an infectious melody and it is truly music with a message. There is a key change for the final chorus and the entire song is just beautiful.

Based in Boston, Deep C Divers are a band who are at the top of their game. This EP is a stunning collection of songs from the beginning to the end. ‘We’re All Americans’ is filled with luscious melodies and hooks galore.

So make sure you check out this divine release today, you will not be disappointed.

FV Music Blog June 2019 

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