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Dejhare – ‘D7′

Dejhare has released her superb album ‘D7’, in August 2020. It is a stunning release that features seven dance deluxe tracks. ‘D7’ is an album that needs to be heard this autumn 2020!

‘Be Mine’ opens the release with warm and luscious synths. They pave the way for this magnificent artists stunning vocals to enter. Once the beat drops the song is in full flow. We love the upbeat energy of the track, and it is thoroughly compelling. 

Also, we enjoyed ‘Without You’, the synths sing out memorable riffs and the layered backing instrumentation create texture within the piece. ‘Unbreakable’ is another stunning song. The energy is palpable, and there is a wonderful groove to the track. Finally, ‘New Love’ closes the release, it is melodic and leaves the listener wanting more.

Dejhare’s voice is filled with colour and instantly compels the listener. We love her tone; it is intoxicating, and she knows how to make a track her own. She is a talented artist, and ‘D7’ is a classic album in the making.


This super artist says about the release, “‘D7’ is my experimental project to explore a more dynamic vision for some of the tracks from my first album. I have always loved dance music – it uplifts, energizes, and celebrates our freedom to enjoy ourselves. ‘D7’ is a gateway into this new sound and new possibilities for me.”

Dejhare (pronounce Dei-Jhar) is a formidable artist who is making waves with this latest album. She is able to convey emotion to her audience, and this is a big part of her charm. One thing is for sure, Dejhare has new fans in us! We are sure that ‘D7’ will please existing Dejhare fans while simultaneously winning her an army of new ones too! Check out ‘D7’ from the link below!

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