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Denizen – ‘Daddy’

New York-based band Denizen has released the magnificent single ‘Daddy’, in January 2021. It is an Americana release with a big heart!

A wonderful solo violin opens the release before the enticing bass, drums, guitars and piano enter. It instantly draws the listener in and holds their attention effortlessly!

As the charismatic vocals begin, the single is in full flow. There is a wonderful trade-off between the vocals and the instrumentation, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. 

We adore the chorus which fills the sonic spectrum. The instrumentation builds until the chorus enters and hits the listener with power and authority. Furthermore, the rise and fall in the instrumentation are exquisite, and ‘Daddy’ has been arranged superbly. 

Denizen describes the single as, “An up-tempo murder ballad, inspired by the Lead-Belly classic ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?’. ‘Daddy’ is a narration where the character sees himself as a saviour to the woman he is addressing.” They continue, “Freeing her from what he perceives to be an abusive relationship by murdering her ‘Daddy’.”


Formed in 2011 Denizen are a band who are continually evolving. They are clearly excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens. 

Denizen have toured up and down the East Coast in cities from Boston, MA to Washington, D.C. They have a dedicated fan following, and after hearing ‘Daddy’, we can see why! We are sure that ‘Daddy’ will please existing Denizen fans as well as winning them an army of new ones too!

So make sure you add ‘Daddy’ to your weekday playlist. Denizen are a band who are going from strength to strength, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next!

Check out ‘Daddy’ today!

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