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Denni Ian

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Denni Ian – ‘The Sad Saint Of South End’

Hailing from Denmark, musician Denni Ian has released the brilliant album, ‘The Sad Saint Of South End’ in November 2020. This acoustic folk release is a must-hear album this winter. 

A gentle opening greets the listener. Denni Ian’s vocals masterfully take the reins of the track, and his characterful vocals draw the audience in. 

‘House of Mandatory Happiness’ features a gorgeous acoustic guitar, as the full band kicks in, the melodies and enticing nature of the song breakthrough. We adore the honest and hard-hitting vocals that penetrate the piece. They add their unique colour to the track. In addition, the atmospheric horn is simply outstanding. 

‘Grains of Salt’ has a great vibe which is charming and inviting. Denni Ian’s voice is filled with texture and a calming feel. ‘Ask the Dust’ is another stand out song. The opening melody is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Finally, ‘Simple Flowers’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.

Ian says about the release, “The creation of The Sad Saint of South End played homage to the lo-fi scene of the 1990s. It was recorded with minimal studio equipment, in a dimly lit underground garage without any windows, beneath a suburban library.” This adds to the atmosphere of the album and enhances the already rich tapestry of sound. 


Ian also worked with songstress and literary scholar Mau Lindow on the album and the Swiss video artist Arel Crest. Together the team have created a piece of art that pushes boundaries and is innovating the acoustic-folk genre.

We are so excited to have discovered Denni Ian; he is an enthralling artist who is making waves. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do in 2021. 

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