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DeVries – ‘If I Like You’

Hailing from Chattanooga, DeVries is a magnificent artist whose latest release ‘If I Like You’, is a pop classic in the making. 

DeVries’s spoken word vocals open the single before her singing performance kicks in. Her voice is filled with a warmth that draws the listener in and holds their attention effortlessly. 

We love the relatable lyrics that connect with the audience. The backing instrumentation evolves as the song progresses and provides the perfect accompaniment for DeVries’s sumptuous vocals to shine. 

The chorus is catchy and memorable; it stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Also, there is an assertive attitude to ‘If I Like You’ which is infectious. 

DeVries says about the release. “I am hoping my music can give members of the LGBTQ community the courage to tell their truth and create their stories. 2020 was a hell of a year – there is so much coming from me in 2021. Better buckle up.” We can not wait!

Josh Ronen

‘If I Like You’ was recorded in Nashville TN by DeVries and producer Josh Ronen. Together, the duo has created a single that will stand the test of time. It also firmly places DeVries as an artist to watch in 2021. 

DeVries appeared on American Idol as a country artist. She made her way to the top 24 and has now crossed over to pop. She is a versatile artist who is a prolific writer too. Her previous single ‘Know Better’ has amassed over 159,000 streams on Spotify. We can not wait to check out DeVries’s back catalogue! 

We are so excited to see that DeVries has six releases due in 2021. After hearing ‘If I Like You’, we can not wait to hear what she will do next!

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