Dirty D – ‘Solar Sail’ EP Out Now!

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Dirty D - 'Solar Sail'
Dirty D – ‘Solar Sail’

Dirty D – ‘Solar Sail’

‘Solar Sail’ is the superb latest EP from San Diego-based artist Dirty D. It is a Lo-Fi hip-hop release that will blow your mind this Spring.

The title track opens the release to an atmospheric and charming beginning. The layered instrumentation gently weaves its way into the piece, and gorgeous melodies and punchy beats fill the sonic spectrum.

‘Stellar Atmosphere’ is a standout song. Unexpected chordal progressions take the listener on a journey, and the textured percussion ebbs and flows beautifully. The saxophone is melodic, singing gorgeous riffs that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Finally, ‘Boostback Burn’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more! It is a gentle song with charismatic melody lines and a simply scrumptious groove. Simply wow.


Dirty D says about the release, “This genre-bending original work is designed to take the listener on a journey away from the stress of life and into inner space where we can relax and let go of the weight of life.” He continues, “Powered by the energy from the sun and releasing all the negative vibes, ‘Solar Sail’ launches us into our journey of tranquillity.”


Dirty D is a saxophone player who injects his heart and soul into each track. He is a self-taught Saxophonist who needs to be heard. Dirty D has worked as a travelling club player, and he is now turning his musical to hand to become a recording artist. ‘Solar Sail’ sets him as a powerhouse in the genre.

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Dubl A / D. A. on da Beat

In addition, this superb EP also includes basslines by master bassist Dubl A and Lo-Fi chill hop tracks from D. A. on da Beat. Together the group have created a timeless piece of art whose popularity is gaining speed this March.

So make sure you add ‘Solar Sail’ to your new music playlist this week. Dirty D is a phenomenal talent from which you will be hearing music more in the future.

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