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Doter Sweetly – ‘Baby Boy’

Musician Doter Sweetly is back with his latest single, ‘Baby Boy.’ The song succeeds in his 2018 album, ‘Grandpa Grew Trees.’ Filled with an evolving sound and addictive melodies, ‘Baby Boy’ is a stunning single.

A laid back groove is soon established as bass, drums, guitars, and vocals begin. The guitars dance around the track creating texture and intrigue. We adored the gentle vocals that steer the song along, and the listener feels mesmerised in the welcoming tones. There are also impactful double-tracked vocals in the first chorus, which, along with exciting chordal changes, adds character to the piece.

The song is continually evolving, and the arrangement is superb. Halfway through the single, the tempo increases, and the tone intensifies. Dancing high hats fill the audio landscape, and the drums feel upbeat and purposeful. Later, the song returns to the original feel, laid back, and calm. The return to the familiar feels like an old friend returning. There is also a stunning electric guitar at the end of the track that guides the music into a gentle fade.

Sweetly says, “The song is about that early-mid-late 20s going nowhere type of dread that we all seem to be going through at the moment. Recognising it and realising that even though your life seems to be moving nowhere that your life is simultaneously wonderful and precious. It was written after ‘ a particularly hard 7-day-a-week work month about the difficulty of understanding that the life you want to lead is not ahead of you, but is right where you are.”

We are so excited to have discovered this Memphis-based singer-songwriter. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such a gifted artist.

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