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Down In Splendour – ‘Alice Underground’

Psychedelic band Down In Splendour are back with their latest single, ‘Alice Underground’. It is a spellbinding track that is filled with luscious grooves.

An attention-grabbing siren opens the song and instantly demands the listener’s attention. Luscious guitars, bass and drums fill the sonic landscape, and a formidable groove establishes itself. Layered vocals add colour to the piece, and explosive riffs feed the listener’s soul. 

We adored the unexpected twists and turns in the piece; they keep the single feeling fresh and innovative. Upbeat and driving, ‘Alice Underground’ is a song that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Filled with passion and heart, this is a song that is destined to stand the test of time.

The psychedelic band are a collective of musicians hailing from the UK, USA, Brazil, Italy, Greece and New Zealand. They recorded their debut album in six countries, with final mixing and mastering at Rockton Road Studios in Los Angeles. Down In Splendour features Michael Patrick, New Zealand (vocals, guitars); CH Straatmann, Brazil (bass); Michele Drees, UK (drums); Dimitris Dimopoulos, Greece (piano, keyboards); Leonardo Schiavo, Italy (backing vocals); Marco Di Camillo, Italy (electric pipes); Stephen Hussey, UK (violins) and Scott Erickson, USA (orchestral strings). They are all excellent musicians in their respective fields, but when they come together: magic happens.

Down In Splendour are scheduling a series of surprise, pop-up shows in several cities worldwide in the months ahead. Show announcements will be via and all social media platforms. We are so excited by ‘Alice Underground’, and we can not wait to see what this magnificent band will do next. 

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