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Driip – ‘I Can’t Help It’

Boston-based band Driip, have released their superb latest single ‘I Can’t Help It’, in June 2020. It is an indie-pop record that is making waves this summer. 

An attention-grabbing opening greets the listener. Emotional vocals breakthrough and the song is in full flow. We love the laid back vibe of the single, which is thoroughly captivating. 

The chorus is addictive and will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. It is busier in its instrumentation than the verse, and this juxtaposition makes for luscious texture in the single. 

In addition, the mix, master and production of the song is excellent. They let the song shine in the light in which it was written. Simply wonderful!

Driip are comprised of band members, Ryan J. Clary long-distancer, production, Heather Banak vocals, bass, and Lemmy Maldanado, drums. They are excellent musicians separately, but when they come together, magic happens. 

They cite their influences as The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, and REO Speedwagon. We can hear some of these coming through in the music but make no mistake; Driip is making music all of their own.


Driip say, “Ryan wrote this about his long distance relationship. Which was also a big influence on the Happy Face EP. The title ‘I Can’t Help It’ is kind of tongue and cheek. As much as Ryan would love to write about something else, he can’t help writing about this experience.” They continue, “This is music to blast to in your headphones, and bounce around in your underwear when you need to feel better.”

So make sure you add ‘I Can’t Help It’ to your weekend playlist. Driip is an exciting band who are destined for big things. 

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