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Dubgee – ‘Truth’

Vancouver based artist Dubgee released his album ‘Truth’ in 2019, and we are so pleased to have discovered it! 

The title track ‘Truth’ opens the release. It has an honest feel from the get-go and Doug Tree’s effortless rap flows from his tongue. We found Tree’s rap to be intelligent and informed, engaging the listener. The backing instrumentation is laid back, the perfect accompaniment to the fast flowing vocals.

‘Maria’ has a harpsichord opening and evolves as the track does. The layered vocals are mixed between rapping and singing, they are thoroughly enjoyable. The beat is sparse and laid back with an electric guitar adding extra colour. We also loved ‘Time For Some Action’, it is music with a message and Dubgee is using his platform to highlight and affect problems. It has a catchy hook and infectious groove. 

Dubgee describes himself as a positive/conscious rapper. He says he started his record label Beast Van Records, “In order to bring Vancity talent to the worldwide hip hop audience.” He has certainly done this with this release. There are seven artists on Beast Van Records and based upon hearing Dubgee; we can not wait to check out his label mates.  

Over the past 20 years, Dubgee has written and produced five albums inspired by real events such as the hockey riots, municipal politics and plenty of music festivals. He describes himself as “(A) rapper, producer, beatmaker, label owner, supervillain (Doug Tree), band member (Treetox) and all-around fresh emcee.” He says about this latest release, ‘”Truth’ is the product of a decade of songwriting, being a dad and a blue-collar worker.” 

Make sure you check out ‘Truth’ today! It is an honest and addictive piece of art. 

FVMusicBlog February 2020

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