E.G. Phillips – ‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’ Album Release

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E.G. Phillips - Andy Strong
E.G. Phillips – Andy Strong

E.G. Phillips – ‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’

San Francisco-based artist, E.G. Phillips has released the highly anticipated album ‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’. It is a multi-genre spellbind release that you NEED to know about this April.

‘Till We Have Faces Again’ opens the release to a sumptuous groove and infectious melodies. We adore ‘The Octopus Song’, which is alluring from the get-go. The luscious chordal progressions and charismatic vocals draw the listener in and hold our attention effortlessly.

In addition, ‘That May Not Be Good Enough’ is an addictive track with layered instrumentation, gorgeous horns and a stoic backing band. The arrangement and composition of the solos are intelligent and melodic in equal measures.

Furthermore, ‘The Mockingbird’s Repertoire’ is an ever-evolving track, and ‘Brave Heart, Luna’ will have you reaching for the repeat button. One thing is for sure; E.G. Phillips is a superb talent.


E.G. Phillips says bout the release, “This project was the result of a chance encounter with producer Chris McGrew and keyboardist/vocal arranger Kevin Seal (both of punky prog rock “Griddle”) at a recording session at the famed Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco (where Santana and Herbie Hancock laid down classic tracks).”

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E.G. Phillips is an exciting artist who is unparalleled to anyone we have heard lately. ‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’ is a phenomenal release that had us hooked right from the beginning.


‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’ is precisely the reason why we hope that the album never dies. It is an eight-track sonic experience that takes the listener on a journey that simply could not be done in a three-minute single.

So make sure you add ‘Alien from an Alternate Earth’ to your new music playlist this week. E.G. Phillips is a brilliant talent, pushing boundaries and making thoroughly addictive music. Check it out today!

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