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‘Novetats’ is the hauntingly beautiful release by Spanish artist, Edad Del Pavo. It is a wonderfully eclectic album that touches the hearts of its listeners. 

‘Vaig’ opens the album to the sound of melodic, dueling guitars. They dance around one another creating harmonies and textures, never intruding upon one another’s territory. It is a joyous and upbeat song with happy melodies throughout. 

We loved, ‘Gran Via’, a guitar picks out the bass notes while a melody emerges from the atmospheric background noise. We hear the passing traffic of people creating their own atmosphere. ‘Portal Nou’ hear a Cajon laying the strong foundations of the song from which multiple guitars spring from. The song evolves before the listener and a joyous feel emerges. 

‘Another One’ has a heavily effected guitar ladened with delay and beautiful strings added subtly to the mix. While, ‘Chaperone’ hears a melodic guitar taking the lead with the back up from a bass, tambourine and other percussions. 

The shortest song ‘Soroll’ is only 55 seconds in length but in that time we hear beautiful nature water sounds underneath wonderful melodic main stars. There are also ambient sounds of passers-by all adding character and charm to the song. Finally, ‘Code Switching’ has a fuller band sound from the opening. Riffs weave in and out of one another as the song builds in richness. 

Recorded in a windowless studio in an apartment in Barcelona, ‘Novetats’ combines Spanish fingerstyle guitar with elements of indie rock from the Pacific Northwest. This is a prime example of how music transcends language, culture and race. ‘Novetats’ is filled with sublime compositions, filled with rich emotion. It touches the heart of the listeners and it does not discriminate. 

Now based in Portland, Oregon, Edad Del Pavo incorporates Latin American percussion with electronic and ambient sounds. Compelling and moving fingerstyle guitars dance around the fretboard and provoke deep emotions within the listener.

So feed your ears, heart, and soul today and check out this stunning release from Edad Del Pavo. You will not be disappointed!

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