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Eddie Cohn

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Eddie Cohn – ‘Freedom’

Hailing from Los Angeles, musician Eddie Cohn is back with his superb single ‘Freedom’. It is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard!

An enticing beat opens the single. As a subtle synth breaks through, the stoic foundations are set for Eddie Cohn’s enigmatic vocals to enter. He instantly demands the listener’s attention and holds it effortlessly. 

Lyrically, ‘Freedom’ is deeply relatable and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. Eddie Cohn speaks directly to the audience in a captivating way. 

In addition, we adore the chorus, which is extremely catchy. The textured backing instrumentation creates colour within the piece, and we adore the intoxicating nature of ‘Freedom’.

Eddie Cohn says about his music, “I am typically inspired by love and relationships, but this record and the songs were inspired by the strange world created by the pandemic and Covid-19. Polarization is on the rise, truth is so hard to come by, and I wonder if the world will ever look the same.”


Eddie Cohn provides vocals, synth and piano on the release. Bruce Watson has joined him on guitars and bass Jake Reed on Drums. They are clearly all excellent musicians, but when they come together, magic happens.

Cohn cites his influences as coming from “Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel and the crazy world created by Covid.” This is what makes ‘Freedom’ so accessible; we can all relate to the music and the lyrics. Eddie Cohn has perfectly captured a moment in time, and it is forever preserved for future generations. 

So make sure to add ‘Freedom’ to your weekday playlist. Eddie Cohn is a musician who is making music that needs to be heard, and ‘Freedom’ is no exception. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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