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Edge of Desire - 'Lost' EP - FV Music Blog
Edge of Desire – ‘Lost’ EP – FV Music Blog

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Edge of Desire – ‘Lost’ EP

Guildford based duo Edge of Desire has released their excellent EP ‘Lost’, today 5th June 2020. The EP features new-age emo, pop/rock, with alternative influences to create a thoroughly compelling four-track sonic experience. 

‘Open Minds’ is a wonderful song filling the piece with staccato texture and intrigue in the beginning and evolving into a melodic masterpiece. We enjoyed ‘Lying’, the vocals are layered and driving. The subtle changes in the instrumentation inject warm colour into the single. ‘Know’ is a slower and gentler song filled with genuine and honest lyrics. ‘Send Me Home’ features driving melodies and beats – classic Edge of Desire writing. Blissful!

About Edge of Desire

Edge of Desire is comprised of Dan Fraser – Lyricist, Vocalist, Guitarist and childhood friend Caleb Hartley – Bass. Together the duo is providing a fresh sound for 2020. Frontman Fraser says, ​”You can expect each track to have a different sound from the last. There’s a real pop anthemic side. An aggressive rock side. It then ends with this ballad I wrote about my parents which brings it all down to an intimate level”.

Edge of Desire - 'Lost' EP - FV Music Blog
Edge of Desire – ‘Lost’ EP – FV Music Blog

Bass player Hartley says about the release, “Expect the EP to lead you on a musical journey. You’ll travel from in-your-face rock, through anthemic pop, before finishing your journey with a gorgeous, intimate ballad.” He adds​,​ “There’s a raw honesty about the music and lyrical content.” We couldn’t agree more!

Previous Edge of Desire’s releases

‘Lost’ follows the release of the band’s debut single, ‘Explicit’ whose music video amassed over 30,000 views in a week. Edge of Desire is an exciting band who are at the start of a long and innovating career. We very much look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

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