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Ego Tripping
Ego Tripping

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Ego Tripping – ‘Reflection 2’

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Ego Tripping is an alternative-rock band who have released their superb album ‘Reflection 2’ today, 17th July 2020. 

‘Reflection’ slowly enters the sonic landscape with swirling synths and enticing tones. After that, a full band sound enters, and effortlessly attracts the listener’s attention. In addition, the vocals are smooth and filled with soul. There are layered vocals too which add texture to the piece.

‘Future Will’ has an addictive quality with a vibe that is engaging. Layers of instrumentation work in harmony together and the syncopated beat, when the drums kick in, is divine. We adore ‘Her Sun’ it has an atmospheric and evocative feel that evolves slowly before the listener. ‘Follow The Sky’ closes the release with an upbeat and joyous feeling. The seven-minute track leaves the listener wanting more. 


The band says, “Ego Tripping’s style draws from many influences, including psychedelic, downtempo electronic, trip-hop, new wave, post-rock, and dream pop. The songs range from dark and ambient to melodic and sentimental. Sonically and lyrically, the music is intended to be hypnotic and introspective.”

Ego Tripping has an impressive back catalogue of releases. Previously, they have released three albums and three singles, and we will be checking those out this week too!

All of Ego Tripping’s music is mixed and mastered by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion studio in Mesa, AZ. Together, the team are doing an excellent job in creating a sound which is unique to Ego Tripping and is thoroughly engaging.

In conclusion, make sure you check out ‘Reflection 2’ this week, it is an exciting release which is helping Ego Tripping make waves. Above all, we very much look forward to hearing what this magnificent band will do next. 

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