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Electric High – ‘Harder To Justify’

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Electric High are a rock band filled with big energy and talent. Their single ‘Harder To Justify’ is a spellbinding listen and it is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button.

A hard-hitting riff engulfs the listener from the get-go. We loved the building intensity by the guitars and the many layers of sound that are presented. The vocals are filled with emotion, and the catchy chorus stays with the listener long after the music has finished. The guitar solo has been excellently performed, and Electric High show themselves to be a tight and uncompromising band. 

Released officially on 24th January 2020 ‘Harder To Justify’ also has a stunning video to support its release. The band say, “The video was filmed by a concert audience on their cell-phones, which gave us some unique, bad-ass, and radically authentic footage — as seen through the eyes of the crowd. Just wait and see!”

Citing their influences as, Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath, Electric High know how to write a catchy rock song. Their press release states, “On stage, the two lead singers go straight for the throat, while the guitarist, bassist and drummer shoot out pure electric power. This is a high voltage rock band that you don’t want to miss!” We are sure Electric High would be an excellent band to see live. Make sure you catch them if you can! 

After hearing ‘Harder To Justify’, we were surprised to read that this is their debut single! They sound like a band who have been playing together for years and know each other’s styles inside out. Their fresh and exciting feel is just getting started!

We can not wait to see what Electric High will do next. We will be waiting with eager anticipation!

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