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Elevado – ‘Asheville’

The superb duo Elevado, have released the excellent EP ‘Asheville’ in October 2020. It is the bands’ debut EP and one which is not to be missed!

‘Shame’ opens the release. It has a percussive beginning which instantly compels the listener. We adore the characterful vocals which grace the piece. They are smooth but textured at the same time and are underpinned by a gorgeous piano. It is a song which is filled with an intelligent arrangement and progressive sound.

‘Blueberry Hill’ continues with the same intoxicating vibe. The kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the track and the foundation from which everything else is built.

We found ‘Swing’ to be a heartfelt song that touches the audience. Elevado is able to connect with their audience and make us feel part of the process. ‘How Are You’ continues the genuine heartfelt lyrical content, set to a catchy melody. Finally, ‘Moved’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more.

The band say, “Elevado finds purpose in embracing the beauty and meaningful moments of the ‘human experience’. Elevado isn’t defined by genre, but rather the unique composition of language and sentiment.”

Band Members

Elevado is comprised of band members Bradley Rhodes (lead vocals, piano, guitar) and Brent Shuttleworth (guitar, backing vocals). Independently national touring artists, quarantine changed their direction.

To record, they have spent time at an Airbnb cabin in the mountains of Asheville, and ‘Asheville’ is the beautiful result. Separately, they are clearly excellent musicians, but when they come together, magic happens. 

So make sure you make a note of the name Elevado as this is not the last time you will hear it. They are an enigmatic and innovative band who are making waves with ‘Asheville’. Check it out now!

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