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Elijah Stone
Elijah Stone

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Elijah Stone – ‘At War With Myself’

Las Vegas-based artist Elijah Stone has released the excellent single ‘At War With Myself’, in June 2020.

An acoustic opening greets the listener. Elijah Stone’s smooth and enticing vocals are mesmerising and fill the piece with emotion and colour. 

We adore the stripped back instrumentation, which lets the song shine in the light in which it was written. The layered vocal arrangement gives extra texture to the piece too and ‘At War With Myself’ is thoroughly relatable. 

Stone cites his influences as artists such as John Vincent III, Briston Maroney, Gregory Alan Isakov, The Paper Kites, Bon Iver, Nick Wilson, Novo Amor, Dermot Kennedy, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer. We can hear some of these coming through on ‘At War With Myself’, but Elijah Stone is making music all of his own. 


Stone says, “This release is something special to me as I wrote it going through a really hard time. It’s about fighting and battling depression and dealing with these two halves of life, which I believe a lot of people can connect with.” He continues, “Its 1 of 5 songs that will be on an upcoming EP later in winter, most of which will be slightly more acoustic in element.”

When asked how Stone wrote the release, he says, “I was also watching a lot of Viking movies funny enough. So as I just sat down to write, that war theme was just kinda in the back of my head. Quite simply enough, I felt at war with myself.” 

So make sure you make a note of the name Elijah Stone, we are sure this is not the last you will hear of it. Check out ‘At War With Myself’ from the link below. 

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