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Elin Bellander

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Elin Bellander – ‘Good on My Own’

Hailing from Stockholm, musician Elin Bellander has released the stunning single ‘Good on My Own’, in October 2020. It is a synth-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

An enticing synth opens the release. It paves the way for Elin Bellander’s vocals to breakthrough. Her voice is soulful and filled with character. It instantly connects with its audience and pulls us in. 

We adore the chorus, which is thoroughly addictive, and the main melody stays with the listener long after the music has ended. The instruments pull away for the bridge and come back, hitting harder on the chorus which follows. This use of texture is extremely affecting and well executed.

In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of ‘Good on My Own’. Each part of the upbeat production has its own space in the mix and shines individually while working as a cohesive piece of music too.  

Bellander says about the release, “The song is about self-love and fully embracing your independence, essentially being your own best friend (as cheesy as that may sound).” She continues, “After getting out of a long term and super co-dependent relationship, I found myself in the midst of all this newfound freedom and self-discovery which inspired the concept of the song.”

Musician’s Institute

Bellander attended the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and enrolled in their ‘Independent Artist Program’ and ‘Music Business Entrepreneur’. She is an artist who is making fresh and relatable pop music, and her superb sound is what makes her stand out from the crowd. 

We can not recommend ‘Good on My Own’ highly enough. Elin Bellander is an artist with a bright future ahead of her, and we highly anticipate what will come next. Until then, make sure to add ‘Good on My Own’ to your weekday playlist!

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