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Elise – ‘Cowboy’

Elise is a superb folk-pop artist hailing from Kilkenny in Ireland. Her latest release ‘Cowboy’, is an acoustic singer-songwriter classic in the making.

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the release, it is soon joined by a full band sound, and ‘Cowboy’ is in full flow. We love the groove that is set from the get-go. It is instantly enticing.

Elise’s soulful vocals are thoroughly engaging from the moment that they enter. Her voice has a wonderful tone which connects with her audience and holds our attention effortlessly.

The backing strings add fresh colour to the piece too. We adore the chorus, which is catchy and memorable. It takes the song in a new direction and keeps the single feeling fresh. In addition, we love the arrangement of ‘Cowboy’; it is filled with glorious twists and turns.


Elise says about the release, “It’s a song that journeys through childhood memories. Memories of running around the garden with cowboy hats, cap guns and being with the people who cared for you the most.” She continues, “The song touches off the feeling of regret and guilt from growing up and not being around those who were there for you in the past. ‘Cowboy’ ultimately is about how time is the biggest healer and helps reconnect you to your roots.”

In 2019 Elise released her Debut EP ‘These Thoughts’. She received airplay from KCLR and Dublin City FM and was featured on numerous playlists. She is a special talent who is going from strength to strength.

So make sure you add ‘Cowboy’ to your weekday playlist and make a note of Elise’s name. It may be the first time that you have heard it, but we are sure that it won’t be the last.

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