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Ella Mar – ‘Embodimental’

Musician Ella Mar has released her beautiful latest album, Embodimental’ today, 11th November 2019. It is a stunning release filled with songs that stay with the listener long after the music has finished.

‘Hold Your Fire’ opens the release. The bass offers the first melody, and its catchy nature is instantly captivating. The hauntingly beautiful strings also feature as the song progresses.

Mar’s impressive vocal range is on full display from the get-go. Her voice is soulful and rich in tone. It reminds us of Melody Gardot in places, but Mar is an impressive artist in her own right.

We also enjoyed ‘After All,’ from a single note opening, a gorgeously picked guitar enters. The tempo is laid back, and the reverb on the superb vocals offers space in the mix. ‘Straight Out of the Window’ hears divine strings and a piano working tirelessly together. Mar’s vocals are effortless and graceful as they stamp their authority on the song.

‘Stray Dogs’ hears Mar’s jazz style vocals in full flow. Intricate melodies are on display as Mar makes them float above the music. We also loved the final song, ‘Singing For You.’ It feels like a new day is dawning and left us wondering if the next release will carry on from where this track finishes off. The guitars and vocals duet together. The layered vocals add texture and colour to the piece, and a balanced sound is achieved.

Hailing from Israel, Ella Mar is an impressive talent. Her compositions and arrangements on ‘Embodimental’ are simply beautiful. She released a single entitled ‘Forest’ earlier this year. We will be waiting in eager anticipation to see what she will do next. Until then, we will have ‘Embodimental’ on repeat!

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