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ee7709dc2249532b762df06d636460cc-IMG_3106.JPG‘Waves’ is the huge new single from the artist, Emma Kelly. It is the follow up to her debut release, ‘Running Wild’ and it is a song which is filled with catchy melodies, metaphors galore and infectious vocal performances. 

Dance Pop in nature, ‘Waves’ grows from humble beginnings. First, we hear keyboard synths which set an atmospheric tone. The vocals are welcomed in next, their smooth ear-catching delivery is a testament to the talent Kelly has. The snare drum is laden in rich reverb which is reminiscent of an 80’s sound that has been reinvented for 2019. 

The bass and guitars guide the song along and the listener can feel momentum is building. The chorus is big and hard-hitting. The backing vocals add layers of extra texture and interest to the piece.  We found the second verse to cut back to the stripped-down instrumentation we heard on the first verse. This rise and fall in intensity give character to the piece. The middle eight hears a change again further adding to the charm. 

Lyrically, there is an abundance of metaphorical lyrics. Melancholy in nature, they are juxtaposed to the uplifting and charismatic music. This is intelligent composition and the track finds a satisfying balance between all of the complex elements.

This 21-year-old has a voice that is far beyond her years. Her range and diversity on ‘Waves’ showcase her talents in the best light. We could hear this song being played at any club and being an instant hit. 

 Kelly studied at a Musical theatre school based in London and also studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford.  Powerful and elegant, Kelly is an artist with a big future.

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