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Empty Banks – ‘Objective Views’

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Kansas City-based artist Empty Banks, released his brilliant latest single ‘Objective Views’, in March 2020.

A delicate piano and emotional vocals open the release before a full band kick in. We love the thought-provoking vocals which are layered in places, and also the infectious riffs which underpin the single. We found the chorus to be catchy too. Empty Banks is an excellent songwriter, ‘Objective Views’ has been composed and arranged brilliantly.

Empty Banks says, “‘Objective Views’ is an indie song about taking a step back from any preconceived biases of the world to look through objective eyes and see that there is so much good in the world. With a click of the play button, your world will be refreshed.” He continues, “I’ve always lived under the idea that the way life should be lived is to make the world a better place. I love music, people, places, life, and I will do everything I can to make life better for someone, anyone. If I can do that by inspiring them to go for their dreams because of my example, believe in themselves and help pull them out of a bad place because of a message or help anyone in any way, then everything that I’m doing is worth it.”

Having lived in five countries and never settling anywhere for longer than a year, Empty Banks has been playing on the busking and open mic circuits to gain fans and followers wherever he may be. This nomadic lifestyle has allowed him to gather experiences from cultures all over the world, influencing his songwriting along the way.

Be sure to add ‘Objective Views’ to your weekday playlist; you will not be disappointed!

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