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500x500Released on 15th July 2019, ‘Soul Eater’ is the debut single by the supremely addictive band, Endure The Affliction. It is an energetic and vibrant single which will have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘Soul Eater’ begins with the sound of a solo and heavily distorted guitar which is rhythmic and enticing. The drums and bass complete the stoic foundation for a gut-wrenching scream to kick in. This cements the metal feel and the listeners’ ear is compelled to hear more.

The opening vocals are crisp and clean which is a beautiful juxtaposition to the heavy instrumentation we hear from the other instruments. There is wonderful poetry in the lyrics and the delivery of their performance is excellent. The scream and vocals work in harmony together and along with the guitars and bass, a fully rounded, beautifully layered piece of art appears.

We adored the shift in pace at the bridge. A less distorted and further melodic guitar appears with the backing of a ride cymbal. The guitars then build in texture with many rhythms and melodies happening at once. They dance together well and form one cohesive piece of composition. The drums build too (they have been superbly mixed to cover the whole audio spectrum) and there is a palpable feel of the track rising before the scream reenters and the more familiar parts of the song reappear.

Comprised of members Tim Keith – Vocals, Deion Lanthier – Guitar/Vocals, Brett Dronet – Guitar, Chase LeBlanc – Drums and, Byron Vollmer – Bass/vocals, Endure The Affliction play with conviction and pure talent. Masters in composition, they are a band who are destined for big things in 2019 and we can not wait to see what will come next from such exciting talents.

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