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Eric Vattima

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Eric Vattima – ‘Friends’

Hailing from Nashville, musician Eric Vattima has released the brilliant single ‘Friends’, on the 30th October 2020. It is a Trap/hip-hop release that puts Vattima firmly on the artists to watch in the 2020s list. 

Eric Vattima’s stoic rap opens the release and instantly demands the listener’s attention. An electric guitar underpins them, and the duo is deeply impactful. Vattima pulls no punches with his lyrics. He is straight to the point, intelligent and engaging. 

The beat drops and adds a new texture to the track. There is an honesty and integrity that run throughout the track, and this is a big part of Eric Vattima’s charm. ‘Friends’ is filled with layered vocals adding colour and vibrance to the piece too.

Vattima says about the release, “‘Friends’ started as an idea of discussing not truly knowing who your friends are in the form of a social critique and getting too caught up in our’ friends’ from the virtual sense.” He continues, “This eventually morphed more into our feelings behind trying to navigate this health crisis with those who don’t take it seriously and how that’s affected the way society moves forward, and how it affects the music industry and where we go from here.” 


Eric Vattima wrote and recorded ‘Friends’ with Matt Wagner (MNERVA). Together the duo has done an excellent job in creating a single that is memorable and will stand the test of time. 

We are so thrilled to have discovered Eric Vattima; he is a talented and dynamic artist who is making innovative music. His style pushes boundaries, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. Until then, ‘Friends’ is available to stream from the link below. 

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