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63e07fcbbab6980b7e6ab1ad7129831f-IMG_7412‘July’ is the latest single from Nashville artist, Erin Gibney. It follows her previous release, ‘King of Hearts’ and is a thoroughly charming listen. Gibney describes ‘July’ as, “A song about finding a selfless and unconditional love”.

This 3-minute single opens to the sound of gorgeous strings. There is a low cello note which subtlely underpins the rest of the instrumentation and this is a beautiful element. There are layers of electric guitars that are panned to either side of the mix. The chords shift from major to minor with ease and the bass offers another melodic and charming element. The guitars dance around each other but never obstruct one another. We adored the slide guitar which accompanies the piece too. It creates an atmospheric element that gives the country feel to the song. 

‘July’ is a song which tells a story which is set to a catchy chorus. These two things are what will resonate with a lot of people. Lyrically, ‘July’ is strong and memorable. The single reminds us of ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, it has the same ingredients and has the same impressive outcome. However, make no mistake, Erin Gibney makes for a sound all of her own. 

Gibney’s voice is the shining star of the piece. Her performance throughout the single is mesmorising and showcases the tone and quality in her voice. We will be checking out Gibney’s back catalog to enjoy more of her soulful performances. 

Having attended Belmont University as a Music Business major, Gibney spent that time working on her debut EP, ‘Bold’. We are sure this is just the start of a long and successful career for this young artist. We can not wait to see how she progresses. 

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