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Estella Dawn
Estella Dawn

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Estella Dawn – ‘Dear Mr. Producer’

Hailing from Louisville, Estella Dawn is a musician who has released the superb indie-pop single ‘Dear Mr. Producer’. Released officially today, 17th September 2020, it is a song for your weekend playlist!

Estella Dawn’s stunning vocals open the piece and instantly compel the listener. We love the attitude and emotion in Dawn’s vocal performance. Her phrasing is superb, and this creates a wonderful vibe within the piece.

We love the change in texture as the song progresses. A solo piano and vocal break through, and then there is a return to the main groove. This excellent arrangement is what sets ‘Dear Mr. Producer’ apart from the crowd.

The layered and varied instrumentation create colour within the piece too. We adore the mix, production and master of the single. Everything has its own space in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. 

Estella Dawn says about the release, “As an emerging artist, you are constantly working on building your sound, style and following. As I grew and started gaining more traction, I began to get approached by businesses suggesting that they could elevate and market me.” 

She continues, “Dear Mr. Producer is, therefore, a story about an artist feeling conflicted with the direction their career is headed and how the line between person and product can become blurred. This song is about finding your voice, believing in your strengths and recognizing your value.”

New Zealand

Dawn is a Musician, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist who relocated from New Zealand 4 years ago. She is rapidly growing a solid global fanbase and after hearing ‘Dear Mr. Producer’, we can understand why!

We are so excited to have heard ‘Dear Mr. Producer’. Estella Dawn is an exciting and formidable artist who is just getting started. We eagerly await what will come next!

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