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Purple Star Productions
Purple Star Productions

Estella Dawn – ‘Easy To Fall’

This April, the extremely talented artist Estella Dawn is back with her rock-pop single ‘Easy To Fall’. It is a catchy song that you need to hear!

Dawn’s masterful and charismatic vocals take the reins of the song from the beginning. Her rich tone and assertive delivery instantly grab the audience’s attention. 

We adore the relatable lyrics that hit hard. ‘Easy To Fall’ is about a failed relationship – a situation we have all found ourselves in at one time or another. Dawn allows us to feel less alone together. 

Furthermore, as the chorus hits, the catchy nature of ‘Easy To Fall’ captivates the listener. The chorus feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around. ‘Easy To Fall’ is our favourite Estella Dawn song to date!


Dawn says about the release, “I’ve always found it interesting how you can go from loving someone with every fibre of your being, to just well… Not.”

She continues, “You can’t pinpoint what’s different, nothing has really changed, but you find yourself becoming more and more distant until eventually, you’re both lying in the same bed, but it feels like you’re oceans apart.”

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It is easy to see why Estella Dawn is gaining in popularity at a stratospheric rate. She is an artist with integrity and talent at her core, and this comes across in each new release she delivers to the world. In addition, she is making music that is hyper relatable and super relevant to fans. 


Estella Dawn is a troubadour who is leading the way this Spring. Her songwriting and vocals are streets ahead of the competition, and it is only a matter of time until she breaks into the mainstream. We are enjoying seeing the rise of Estella Dawn, and she is not done yet!

‘Easy To Fall’ is available to stream now from the link below; enjoy!

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