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ETHOS XCIX – ‘Nightmares’

Minneapolis-based artist ETHOS XCIX has released the excellent single ‘Nightmares’ in February 2022. It is an electronic release that is relatable and mesmerising in equal measures.

‘Nightmares’ immediately breaks through the sonic spectrum, a brilliantly picked electric guitar takes the lead and ETHOS XCIX instantly has the audience’s attention.

We adore the spoken word element, which takes the single in a new direction. As the song opens up and evolves, the listener is taken on a journey with ETHOS XCIX guiding the way masterfully.

ETHOS XCIX’s vocal performance is filled with heart and is deeply relatable lyrically. This is an artist who conveys emotion effortlessly and allows the audience to connect to him through his music.


In addition, the production is superb. The backing instrumentation is layered, and each part of the intricate production has its own space in the mix to shine. Nothing feels crowded. ‘Nightmares’ benefits from being listened to at a loud volume to fully appreciate the sonic dimensions. It is a release you will want to have on repeat!


ETHOS XCIX says about the release, “I made this song for those of us who struggle with letting go or opening up. Sometimes we want what we can’t have, and it haunts us. In many cases, we end up learning we never needed the one thing we fought so hard to keep in the first place.”

He continues, “We might know it’s bad for us, but the comfort it provides is like a drug. It’s like a nightmare you don’t want to leave… But whether it’s drugs, relationships, mental struggles, or other challenges – we’re never in the battle alone.”

Eric Thompson

ETHOS XCIX (AKA Eric Thompson) is a dynamic and exciting producer and multitalented artist to watch in 2022. He is innovating the electronic-pop genre, and we eagerly await to hear what he will do next.

Until then, ‘Nightmares’ is available from the link below. It is a stunning release that you do not want to miss!

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