Evan Castle & The Southern Tier – ‘Drunk As Hell’

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Evan Castle & The Southern Tier – ‘Drunk As Hell’

‘Drunk As Hell’ is the hauntingly beautiful latest release from Evan Castle & The Southern Tier. Captivating and atmospheric it is a song that demands the listener’s attention and keeps it effortlessly throughout the track.

The single opens to the sound of beautifully played keys and a guitar. The drums enter and are hard-hitting. The production on the drums adds weight to their dominance in the track. Dark but warm tones emanate from their stoic standing. ‘Drunk As Hell’ is deeply rich in heart. The bass adds texture to the piece, while the strings offer a menacing quality, dark undertones underpin the track.

Evan’s vocals are atmospheric and guide the song along beautifully. The double-tracked vocals on the chorus emphasise this section of the song too. The repeated title, ‘Drunk As Hell’ is catchy and the melody stays with the listener long after the music has finished.

The band returned home to Western New York to record ‘Drunk as Hell.’ Together they have carefully crafted an emotional and well-composed single. With a strong melody and catchy hook, Evan Castle & The Southern Tier are destined to win new fans with this release.

The band say, “For me, this song was about a time when I felt helpless and just wanted the night to be over. It’s about the feeling you get when something really terrible happens in a day, and you look back at it wishing things had been different.” A subject matter we can all relate to.

Make sure you check out this single today, it is a truly gripping listen, and we can not wait to hear what Evan Castle & The Southern Tier will do next.

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