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Eyope – ‘Elevation’

We feel so blessed to have heard the latest EP by Eyope. ‘Elevation’ is a stunning six-track released that takes the listener on a cultural journey through Eyope’s ears.

‘Parish’ opens the EP. Its infectious beat with a snappy reverb sets the scene as to what is to come. Catchy melodies, luscious spoken word elements and infectious vocals all fill the sonic landscape.

We adored, ‘Dizzy’ Feat. Anjelika ‘Jelly’ Joseph. The funk groove, subtle keys and superb horns all guide the listener through the beautifully arranged track. ‘Feelin’ Kinda Low’ has a jazz/funk feel. The sound evolves, and the directional changes keep the listener enthralled as to what will come next. The vocals and trumpets all add texture and it is a magnificent piece of art.

Musicians included on the EP are: Evan Oberla – Vocals, Trombone, Fender Rhodes, Synths, Percussion, Mitchell Deitrick – Bass, Jason Holt – Drums, Andriu Yanovski – Synths, Organ, Ari Kohn – Sax, Flute, Andrew Block – Guitar, Russ Liquid – Trumpet, Cyrus Nabipoor – Trumpet, Benjamin Matlack – Trumpet, Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph – Vocals, Swatkins – Talkbox, and Jamison Ross – Vocals. They fit beautifully into the tracks. They do not all appear on every song, but they seamlessly move in and out, letting the vibe flow and the magic evolve.

Also, ‘Elevation’ was Produced/Engineered by Andrew Block at Neutral Sound Studios in New Orleans, LA, and mixed by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio Studios in Columbus, OH. Harold LaRue mastered it. Music & lyrics are by Evan Oberla, and the Album Art is by Sarah Rochis.

We have been entirely mesmerised by this EP. Feed your soul and check out this magnificent release, ‘Elevation’ today. It is an excellent masterclass in musicianship, composition, and arrangement. We can not wait to see what this superb band will do next.

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