Fab The Duo – ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’

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Fab The Duo – ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’

Hailing from New York City, Fab The Duo​ is a Gay Pop/Rock Duo that energetically delivers an open-minded message, challenging the status quo of today’s cultural scene. Their latest release, ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’ is a catchy and enthralling listen from the get-go. 

From the beginning ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’ is a winner. The difference in texture and style of vocals, from singing to rapping works harmoniously and adds extra colour to the piece. We found the chorus to be catchy and memorable. The empowering message that the song delivers makes for a feel-good listen too. We adored the addition of Mariahlynn, her unique and uncompromising style adds further brilliance to this pop masterpiece. 

​Fab The Duo ​says, ​”​’No Prince Charming’​ is about realising your own worth and knowing you don’t need anyone but yourself to make you happy. Even though we’re a couple, we’re also very strong individuals, and we wouldn’t be able to be together if we weren’t confident in who we are.” They continue, “Finding love in the gay community can be super hard – we’re often separated into obscure groups divided by race or body type. It can be superficial and demeaning. Everyone needs to be reminded that they’re fabulous and deserve nothing but the best.” ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’ does just that.

On working with​ Mariahlynn​, ​Fab the Duo ​says: ​”Having someone so talented and influential in the studio with us collaborating on our song was the best feeling in the world. We’ve been obsessed with her song ‘Once Upon A Time’ because, in a slut-shaming world, it takes a lot of guts for a woman to proudly admit that ‘she was a hoe.” 

We have added ‘No Prince Charming (feat. Mariahlynn)’ to our playlist too, check it out here.

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