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Facing Mountains
Facing Mountains

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Facing Mountains – ‘Losing A Friend’

September sees the release of the magnificent latest single by Facing Mountains. ‘Losing A Friend’ is an indie-pop classic in the making!

An atmospheric opening greets the listener before an electric guitar breaks through. Facing Mountains charming and characterful vocals enter and the single is in full flow. Lyrically, ‘Losing A Friend’ touches the audience and this is a big part of the songs appeal.

We love the chordal progression which graces the piece. It takes unexpected twists and turns which keep the listener on their toes. There is a tremendous rise and fall in the track; it is a song that evolves before the listener. Also, the chorus is catchy and hauntingly beautiful. It will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

Facing Mountains is a master of melodic storytelling and ‘Losing A Friend’ is a prime example of this. This single is deeply relatable, and this artist is able to connect with his audience through his music. 

This superb artist says about his music, “In general I consider my style to be alternative pop, but there are songs with a lot of classical, ambient, cinematic and EDM influences.” He continues, “‘Losing a Friend’ is about somebody unwillingly having to give up on or lose a bad habit. Intimate and heartfelt lyrics are guided by a crisp vocal and moody guitar and synth lines.”


Facing Mountains is originally from the Netherlands but for the past three years has been residing in North Macedonia. This dutch composer is creating excellent music, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

We can not recommend ‘Losing A Friend’ enough. It is a superb single from a very talented artist. Check it out from the link below!

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