Faded Shades – ‘Chasing Your Love’

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Faded Shades – ‘Chasing Your Love’

The incredible Faded Shades band are back with their infectious latest single, ‘Chasing Your Love’. Hailing from Kent, it is their first single of 2019 and follows the brilliant 2018 album, ‘It Gets Heavy’.

‘Chasing Your Love’ opens to bold electric guitars on either side of the sonic spectrum. They set the scene as to what is to come and instantly demand the listener’s attention. Driving bass and drums enter too, and they all lay a solid foundation for the vocals. The vocals are double-tracked and hard-hitting from the get-go. They carry weight in their presence and have been placed at the forefront of the mix.

We adored the catchy guitar riff, which returns multiple times like an old friend during the single. The instrumental evolves as the song does and the excellent level of musicianship is fully on show. The song culminates in a big ending, leaving the listener wanting more.

Faded Shades are comprised of members: Joe (singer/songwriter /guitarist), Liam (bass), and Charlie (drums). This trio are all superb musicians in their respective crafts. However, when they come together, magic happens.

The band say they are inspired by the likes of Lou Reed, Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, but make no mistake, they make a sound all of their own. Reinventing Rock ‘n’ Roll for 2019, their infectious guitar riffs are set for success.

We hear there is a significant release in the pipeline; their second album is due to drop in 2020. Based on the strength of ‘Chasing Your Love’, we can not wait! Make sure you check out this exciting band this weekend, you will not be disappointed!

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