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Family Mart
Family Mart

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Family Mart – ‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’

‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’ is the stunning latest release from Austin-based band Family Mart. It is an alternative-rock single that needs to be heard.

A dynamic guitar opens the release. It is filled with texture and instantly compels the audience. The atmospheric vocals enter and add their unique colour to the single too. 

We adore the slow build to the song; it evolves before the listener and takes us on a journey. Once the beat drops, the single is in full flow. The driving nature of the instrumentation is brilliant and will have the listener reaching for the button. ‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’ is a brilliant introduction to this enigmatic and innovative band.

Family Mart says about the release, “This is a song about proudly watching our sisters tear down the patriarchy. We watch in awe of their strength, poise, and courage.” This song is a truly fitting tribute, and Family Mart have achieved their objective.

Family Mart is comprised of band members, Mike Lee (songwriter/guitar/vocals), Daniel Hawkins (bass), and Daniel Schmidt (drums). They have also been joined by Lani Thomison who provides additional vocals on ‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’. Together, the team have done an excellent job in creating a single which puts Family Mart on the map.

Second Single

‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’ is the second single by Family Mart. We are so excited by this latest release, and we are very much looking forward to their upcoming EP which is due to drop in late 2020.

So make sure you add ‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’ to your weekday playlist. Family Mart is a band with a bright future, and we look forward to hearing what will come next. ‘My Anarcha-Feminist Crush’ is available from the link below.

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