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Fantømex – ‘Consent Agenda’

Hailing from Asheville, Fantømex is an alternative rock band who have released their superb album ‘Consent Agenda’, in 2020. 

‘Yesterday Is Dead’ opens the release, and it is driving from the get-go. The lead vocalist is charismatic and reminds us of Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker. We adore ‘Bad Breaks’, the passionate vocal performance has an honesty in the delivery which resonates with the audience.

‘Postcards from Space’ is a melodic and ear-catching song. The staccato nature of the piece offer texture within the album, adding extra layers of colour too. ‘Two-face (Words of Comfort Reserved for the Wealthy)’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Fantømex say about the album, “(We are) inspired by post-hardcore bands like At The Drive-In, mewithoutYou, and Frodus, we write music that is fun and dynamic, with just a hair of complexity. Our debut album ‘Consent Agenda’, is a reflection on the times we live in; covering a wide range of issues like mental health, climate change, #metoo, Trump, religion and many more.”


There is also a video release for the song, ‘Martha’s Favorite Colour’. The band say, “The video was shot from each of the band members’ separate homes during the ‘Stay at Home’ order, due to the COVID-19 virus. The lyrics behind the song deal with growing up in a small, southern town and the ongoing struggle with religion; feeling at once both very at odds with and somehow in need of it. It’s about a love-hate relationship.”

So make sure you check out this magnificent album this week. Fantømex is a truly exciting band who will do big things in the 2020s. We look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

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