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Fat Trout Trailer Park
Fat Trout Trailer Park

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Fat Trout Trailer Park – ‘Fatberg’

Fat Trout Trailer Park is a Brooklyn-based band whose latest single ‘Fatberg’, is indie-rock at it’s finest. Released officially on 1st June 2020, ‘Fatberg’ is a must-hear song this week. 

From a frantic and driving opening, Fat Trout Trailer Park’s characterful vocals break through. We love the energy that accompanies the release; the driving and enigmatic nature does not let up throughout the song. There are many layers of instrumentation, but there is still space in the mix. Nothing feels crowded, and a harmonious balance has been reached. 

Innovating and continually pushing forward, FTTP is releasing exciting music in 2020. His sound is unique, and we are sure that this release will please existing FTTP fans while winning him an army of new ones too. 


FTTP says about the release, ‘”Fatberg’ is a call for unity to all those affected by the oppression of the rich. Those who sleep on the street, to those who barely make ends meet, to those imprisoned by the Orwellian takeover of the once-free internet. Even more, the song circles around the devastating environmental impact of this oppression.”

A one-person band, Fat Trout Trailer Park is originally from Belgium and had a strict conservative religious background before moving to NYC. He enjoyed Twin Peaks, hence the name and started making music that deals with his upbringing and those anxieties. Musically his sound hails from 90s and 00s guitar sounds with elements of Death Grips and Tame Impala.

So make sure you check out this exciting release. FTTP is an inspiring musician, and we look forward to hearing what he will do next. Check out ‘Fatberg’ from the link below.

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