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Fifth Lucky Dragon are a cinematic pop/alt-rock band hailing from Indianapolis. Their superb album ‘Asymmetric’ is truly magnificent and destined to be a big hit in 2019.

‘Asymmetric’ is filled with big synths, driving percussion, and excellent vocals. Lyrically the songs are intriguing and ear-catching. The subject matters diversify from song to song and keeps the listener’s attention fully hooked.

Our favourite songs are ‘Panoramic Paranoia’ for its experimental genre fusion. The high hats feel Trapp in nature and there is a nursery rhyme feel in the instrumental melody. We also loved, ‘Sam You Old Boy’ for its storytelling and gorgeous harmonies. Other brilliant tracks include, ‘Decaying Halo’, the opening track has a dreamy and atmospheric start with a dance feel before it all cuts away for a gorgeous piano solo.

We feel that Fifth Lucky Dragon are always pushing boundaries and experimenting within ‘Asymmetric’. They are innovating pop music here and reinventing the much-loved genre. ‘Scooter Boy’ has an infectious riff is underpinned with excellent percussion. Also, the final song, ‘Closest I Can Get’ has gorgeous piano melodies galore!

When asked about the album, Fifth Lucky Dragon said, “The album is an on-going attempt at finding ‘symmetry’ between what is felt and what is expressed; an ongoing battle that seems to be universally fought. The title ‘Asymmetric’ as it functions in the context of the album, is the condition of struggling to externalize the internal, often resulting in toxic compensations such as disguise, manipulation, and abandonment of truth.” This is a fair representation of the music that we heard. The expression is clear, concise and set to a back drop of beautiful melodies.

Comprised of band members, Louis Imperiale (piano/vocals) Nathan Roseboom (bass) and Michael Homan (drums) , Fifth Lucky Dragon have a lot of skill and talent on show in this album. Their next challenge is to recreate the songs on ‘Asymmetric’ to a live audience. The boys say about their live shows, “The high energy, musically dynamic live show hopes to leave you feeling better than when you arrived. ” We would love to catch a live show! (just need them to tour in the UK, thanks fellas!)

Fifth Lucky Dragon are unique and have a lot to offer music. We are so excited to be able to share a band of this caliber and we are sure there is much more music to come from them in the future. We will be waiting with eager anticipation to see what will come next.

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