Sitting on Stacy – ‘California’

'California' is the incredible single from San Diego based band, Sitting on Stacy. It is a pop/punk track filled with heavy guitars, vocals, bass, and drums. 'California' opens to the sound of a solo drum kit whose phat sound has been lusciously mixed to cover the entire audio spectrum. An infectious guitar riff kicks in … Continue reading Sitting on Stacy – ‘California’

Victoria’s Flight – ‘Last Days of Summer’

Stop the press! Summer is not over! Glasgow based band, Victoria's Flight are back with their latest single, 'Last Days of Summer'. It is a song filled with a rich and warm vibe that will transport you straight back to the sunshine. Synths quickly engulfs the audio landscape and the track fully drops. We hear … Continue reading Victoria’s Flight – ‘Last Days of Summer’

Todd Barrow – ‘Hell and Back’

'Hell and Back' is the superb latest release from Texas Singer/Songwriter Todd Barrow. This catchy and infectious song is classic country in genre and thoroughly addictive in nature.  The main stars of the piece are Barrow's guitar playing and voice. His voice emotes emotion throughout. He has rich and warm tones which entices the listener … Continue reading Todd Barrow – ‘Hell and Back’