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Stop the press! Summer is not over! Glasgow based band, Victoria’s Flight are back with their latest single, ‘Last Days of Summer’. It is a song filled with a rich and warm vibe that will transport you straight back to the sunshine.

Synths quickly engulfs the audio landscape and the track fully drops. We hear driving drums, bass, and guitars with a vocal performance to captivate the listener. Filled with smooth, warm and enticing melodies the vocals are performed with emotion and heart throughout. The guitar solos are a stand out element. They ooze charm and character and echo the vocal’s melody. There are gorgeous swirling synths to accompany the rest of the instrumentation and the whole piece works to achieve the status of the perfect summer song.

‘Last Days of Summer’ is a relatable and catchy single that has infectious melodies that stays with the listener long after the song has ended. The composition and arrangements are superb and the listener is continually kept on their toes, unsure where Victoria’s Flight will take them next.

There are nods to ’80s-inspired pop-rock during ‘Last Days of Summer’, Victoria’s Flight have taken a much-loved genre and reinvented it for a 2019 audience. They have left their audio stamp on the single which includes their unique and memorable melodies.

Victoria’s Flight are comprised of childhood friends Craig Harkness and Matt Robertson. Together, they are making music which has a fresh sound and inviting vibes. ‘Last Days of Summer’ is the second of 3 singles to be released around the theme of, ‘A Summer of Love and Loss’. We will be checking out the first release and waiting with great anticipation for the last single in the trilogy to drop!

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