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‘California’ is the incredible single from San Diego based band, Sitting on Stacy.

It is a pop/punk track filled with heavy guitars, vocals, bass, and drums. ‘California’ opens to the sound of a solo drum kit whose phat sound has been lusciously mixed to cover the entire audio spectrum. An infectious guitar riff kicks in and we are greeted by spoken word. The epic guitar riffs are memorable and melodic throughout. They work in harmony with the bass and drums to create the perfect foundation for the vocals to spring from.

We adored the arrangement of the song too. The instruments cutaway for the vocals and come back hard-hitting in the spaces left. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the middle eight is quite simply epic!

When asked, Sitting on Stacy described their sound as, “If Rage Against The Machine had a baby with Nirvana, ‘California’ would be their newly born child.” We agree and are completely on board with it being a true representation of their sound!

Sitting on Stacy’s first EP, entitled ‘Goat Soup’ was released under their former band name Paper. It included rough mixes and demos of songs that had been written during their first years. Since their name change to Sitting on Stacy, they’ve released an album, ‘Obsessed’ and an EP ‘Mel’s Neck of the Woods’. There have been singles too, ‘Oh Baby’ and ‘High On Life’. ‘Perfectly Sane’ is the band’s newest album which was released on August 19th, 2019. CHECK IT OUT!

The band are comprised of original members Hoyt Yeatman (lead vocals/guitar), Kyle Hart (bass/vocals) and the latest addition Leland Schenck (drums). Together they make music that is unique and unmistakably their own. We are truly excited by the music we heard from Sitting on Stacy and we will be watching with eager anticipation to see what comes next.

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