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Crash Adams are a duo who are making massive waves this summer. Their latest single ‘Make It Last’, was released in August 2019 and it is a joyful and catchy pop song at its heart. 

The single opens to the sound of big power drums, gorgeous synths, and stunning electric guitar riffs. The vocals are warm and inviting, filled with character and charm. We foud the bass to be melodic and drives the song along. 

We adored the chorus, its ascending melody is catchy and makes the song a feel-good track. The guitar solo is melodic and joyful with the backing vocals adding extra layers of texture. Blissful.

‘Make It Last’ has big nods to the 1980’s pop music. However, Crash Adams have reinvented the genre here and brought it flying into 2019. Their intelligent use of melodies and rhythms have created a piece of art that is textured and thoroughly addictive. 

Crash Adams says about ‘Make It Last’, “Most people at some point, wonder what it would be like to relive a moment of their Youth, but have it play out according to what their ideal vision is of that moment, true or not. ‘Make It Last’ is about that. ” We were certainly left with a comforting and nostalgic feel after hearing the single. 

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Crash Adams met as childhood friends. They write, produce, mix/master, and perform all of their music. We were really impressed with the production of the single. The bass is rich, overall tone warm, and thoroughly edible! 

So make sure you check out this incredible pop song today, it is the best way to kick start your weekend! 

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