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Náttfari is an Icelandic band, whose music sits in the ambient Rock genre. Their latest single release ‘Hrynjandi keðja’, is a wonderfully captivating and mesmorising song that leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Hrynjandi keðja’ is an instrumental song filled with texture and character. It opens to the sound of keyboard synths playing chords on the first beat of each bar. This is the foundation from which all of the other instrumentation grows. Next, the guitars enter, they are covered in beautiful delay and a hint of reverb too. The drums are driving with gorgeous, energetic high-hats.

There is an ominous feeling which emanates from the long notes of synths played in the background. A separate guitar begins and along with the preestablished existing one, they dance around one another seamlessly. They never get in one another’s way and continually complement each other’s vibe.

From these beautifully gentle beginnings, ‘Hrynjandi keðja’ shifts into a heavier rockier vibe. The bass is melodic and there are unexpected chordal changes in the structure. We loved the unsettling dissonant melody that underpins the other instruments in this part. All of this stops, and the laid back groove ensues. The arrangement pattern repeats and there is no definitive resolution as the track fades at the end.

We loved the composition and arrangement of this song. It takes the listener on highs and lows throughout its 6 minutes and it still left us wanting more.

Having formed in 2000, Náttfari are comprised of band members Nói Steinn Einarsson, Andri Ásgrímsson, Haraldur Þorsteinsson, and Ólafur Josephsson. They feel like a band who has been playing with one another for a long time. The different instrumentation instinctively knows when to come in and when to leave space. They are all masters in their respective crafts and we can not wait to check out their back catalogue too!

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