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‘Time Is Out’ is the divine latest release from the charismatic artist, Life As Mary. The song is just 2 minutes 29 seconds in length but it is a single that packs a big punch!

‘Time Is Out’ bursts into the audio spectrum with big guitars and drums. There is a guitar riff that underpins the vocals and this creates lots of dimensions in the verses. The chorus is melodic and catchy with the fun vibe continuing. The last verse hears stripped back instrumentation that gives weight to the final choruses. Fun elements such as whistling can be heard (and joined in with!) and the epic single ends on a gentle fade. Luscious.

We adored Life As Mary’s vocal performance on the song. Her energy and delivery are infectious and the captivating groove is simply stunning. It is a joyous pop/punk song that will have you singing along in no time.

Hailing from Atlanta GA, Life As Mary is a truly gifted artist. ‘Time Is Out’ is a showcase of her best attributes, catchy songwriter, formidable vocalist, and enthralling entertainer. Her music is creative and it is a refreshing alternative to current pop music. One thing is for sure, Life As Mary will brighten up your day!

We were so excited to read this is just the first of 3 singles Life As Mary is releasing this Autumn. With a single as catchy as ‘Time Is Out’, we can not wait to hear the next two releases!

‘Time Is Out’ is out now so make sure you check it out from the player below. This single should come with a warning, when listening to it, make sure you have enough time in your day to hit the repeat button, 3, 4 ….. maybe 5 plus times!

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