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Rule of Young are a band who are set to release their latest single, ‘Lie Better’ on 13th September 2019. The duo hailing from Cleveland, OH are comprised of members Nico Conti and Catherine Calabrese. Their unique brand of infectious and hard-hitting pop will make you a fan of their work in no time!

The song is a masterclass in composition. The layers of harmonies and rich instrumentation shines through beautifully. Calabrese’s vocals are sublime and filled with rich emotion and grit. There is rhythm created from each of the instruments and this drives the song along. 

Rule of Young says of ‘Lie Better’, “(It) tells the third-person story of two people determining whether broken trust can be repaired. The girl knows that it can’t be, but she doesn’t want to walk away and almost craves the lies he’s telling her.” Love (or lack of it) is a topic we can all relate to. In this single, Rule of Young has set the subject matter to dramatic and addictive beats which will have you reaching for the repeat button! 

The production on this single is excellent. It has been produced by Jim Wirt and 1800-SOS and you can hear the quality instantly. The opening acoustic guitar has had it’s (notoriously difficult to capture) sweet spot nailed. The panning of the instruments creates space but also rich and deep layers of texture throughout. It is simply blissful.

‘Lie Better’ is a song to look out for. It is the follow-up to Rule of Young’s ‘Surrender’ which was released in January 2019. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such an exciting duo.

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