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Flying Rabbit

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Flying Rabbit – ‘Eclectic Playground’

‘Eclectic Playground’ is the stunning EP by Norway-based band Flying Rabbit. It is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard!

‘New Age Witch’ opens the EP and is attention-demanding from the get-go. We adore the luscious vocals which fill the sonic spectrum and masterfully guides the song along. 

‘Don’t Oppress Me’ takes the release in a fresh direction. The characterful vocals are filled with a luscious texture, and the intricate backing instrumentation features gorgeous horns which fill the track with colour and intrigue.

We adore ‘Keep On Digging’, from the enticing bass opening to the energetic instrumentation which breaks through, there is a beautiful rise and fall in the instrumentation.

Singer Emily C Brannigan says about the track, “‘​Keep on Digging​’ is a special song for me since we were finally able to make a song based on one of my father’s poems. It’s a beautiful poem that celebrates the wonders of nature, but definitely has a sad side to it, describing how we are selfishly ruining our planet.”

An incredible video accompanies ‘​Keep on Digging​’, check it out from the link below. Finally, ‘Running From Water’ closes the release and will have the audience reaching for the repeat button!

Excellent Musicians

‘Eclectic Playground’ is a wonderful way to start this year for this exciting band. Each track offers something new and exciting to the listener. We are so thrilled to have discovered this EP and can not recommend it highly enough. Flying Rabbit are all excellent musicians, when they come together, magic happens! 

We know that 2021 will be an exciting year for Flying Rabbit, and we eagerly anticipate what will come next. We hear a full-length debut is in the works; we can not wait!

Until then, ‘Eclectic Playground’ is available from the link below, enjoy today!

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