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Foreign Television AKA Francis Allen, is an extremely talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Wales and currently located in Moscow, Russia. His latest single ‘Island’, is a track that features beautiful reflective lyrics set to a backdrop of bright, joyous and engaging music. 

‘Island’ bursts into life with the sounds of an electric guitar, bass, and drums. Rhythmic and lively, they create a solid foundation for the magnificent vocals to spring from. A piano later features too. The music loops and all of the instruments dance around one another gracefully, with soul in their notes.

From the get-go, the vocals are atmospheric, shimmering and swirling amongst the track. There are many layers to the vocals and gorgeous harmonies ring out. We loved the sheer amount of instrumentation and vocals which hit hard from the beginning and are sustained throughout the song. Each of the parts has its own place in the mix and it never feels cluttered or clumsy. 

There are also stunning lyrics during the song. It is a reflective piece at its heart. Lyrics such as, “Never heard you ask a question with any sincerity,” and “Taking things too seriously,” show the intensity in the content that is juxtaposed to the free-flowing sound of the music they accompany. This gives the piece weight and texture, making it a truly enthralling listen.

A song from Foreign Television’s debut album, 2013’s ‘Youthless’, along with other unreleased Foreign Television material, is going to be featured on ‘Waking’, a game coming out on Xbox in winter, 2019. Also, not long to wait, the new Foreign Television album will be released on 21st October 2019. 

So make sure you check out both the single and the full album this week, you will not be disappointed!

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