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Frances Hope - Terry Paul
Frances Hope – Terry Paul

Frances Hope – ‘Warzone’

Musician Frances Hope released the brilliant indie-rock single ‘Warzone’ in April 2022. It is a superb single that needs to be on your new-music radar this week.

A bright and engaging opening greets the listener before Frances Hope’s soulful vocals enter. We adore the textured guitars and full backing band that provide the perfect foundation for Frances Hope’s vocals to shine.

In addition, the chordal progressions are unexpected and have been intelligently composed. ‘Warzone’ is a single filled with unforeseen twists and turns, which keeps the listener on their toes.

The chorus is catchy and stays with the audience long after the music has ended. ‘Warzone’ is a song with a memorable hook and enthralling lyrics. What an exceptional songwriter Frances Hope is!


Frances Hope cites her influences as coming from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Lana Del Ray and Brandi Carlile. We can hear these superb troubadours coming from on ‘Warzone’, and Frances Hope stands shoulder to shoulder with any of these formidable artists.

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We are so excited to see that Frances is due to release a 4-song sophomore EP later this year, and three additional singles will follow soon. After hearing ‘Warzone’, we can not wait for the new music to drop!


We can not recommend Frances Hope highly enough. She is a songwriter who lets the audience into her world, takes them by the hand and allows us to share a moment in time with her. She effortlessly conveys emotion and is a deeply relatable songwriter too.

So make sure that you add ‘Warzone’ to your new music playlist this week. Also, make a note of the name Frances Hope, you may not have heard it before, but we are sure you will be hearing much more of it in the future!

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